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Getting a Place

If you want further information on the support we can offer and how this can be funded please contact Pauline Shannon, Development Manager, or Clare Wheatley, Agency Manager, who will deal with your enquiry quickly and personally. You can contact them:

Alternatively you can contact our Admissions Department:

How your support can be paid for

The support we offer can be funded in a number of ways. To get any funding, the Local Authority will need to carry out a Community Care Assessment. They can then on your behalf commission the support directly from us or they can offer you a Personal Budget.

This is an allocation of funding that is given to the person themselves or a family member who can then have the choice, control and flexibility to decide how this money can best meet a person’s needs and achieve their desired outcomes. Personal budgets can either be a:

This is money the Local Authority give to you to buy your own support as an alternative to receiving a community care service. You can then approach us directly and we will work together to plan and deliver the support tailored to meeting your need and expectations.

This is a where you can still purchase the support from ESPA without the need for you personally to manage the money. You still have the same choice and control over how it is spent but we manage the financial side for you. Some people can have a combination of ways of funding different aspects of their support.

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