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Positive Behaviour Support

Positive Behaviour Support has grown in prominence nationally and been a developing aspect of ESPA Policy since 2010.

PBS prioritises quality of life and person centeredness alongside behaviour analysis. It  has a human rights base.  ESPA continues to increase staff awareness through training and professional links such as the PBS North East and Cumbria community of practice.  Our Person Centred Care and Support Plans provide clear direction on how to proactively create opportunities for positive and valued behaviour.  Such behaviour of concern is always placed in the context of a person’s life and assessed using the principles of behaviour analysis.  Behaviour Support Plans in ESPA are usually to help the person manage anxiety.

Providing support within a PBS culture is most tested when individuals experience anxiety. We recognise that having autism in a “neuro-typical world” can often result in a person experiencing high stress levels.   This can then be perceived by others as “challenging behaviour” which is most effectively managed with low arousal approaches.

ESPA student and ESPA staff member painting the Andy Warhol version of Marilyn Monroe. [CNS]

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